Industry Spotlight: DataBank’s Mark Houpt Talks Privacy, Security

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The first three and now four months of this year have been full of incredible opportunities. This sit-down interview that was conducted in February sums up many of them. I had an opportunity to speak and meet with key leaders on Privacy that are drafting said legislation (Sen Moran’s team from KS). And since then the cloud industry has been a focal point of keeping what we have left of our economy running with people working from home. Take some time and enjoy the Q&A that occurred here.

Data centers and the cloud sit at the heart of modern infrastructure, and thus are a natural focus when it comes to discussions about security.  With us today to share his perspective is DataBank’s Chief Information Security Officer Mark Houpt.  Mark accompanied a delegation led by the Kansas City Tech Council to a TECNA DC Fly-in event in Washington DC in early February, before COVID-19 shut down much of the country.  They were there to provide input on the development of privacy legislation for the US that would take aim at similar issues as Europe’s GDPR, as well as to discuss top security concerns that today’s internet infrastructure faces. Also included in this Industry Spotlight are his thoughts on the pandemic as it relates to cybersecurity. (Click here to read the rest)