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Benjamin Franklin has been quoted as saying “He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.” (note: there are many derivatives of this statement and it is understood that he believed in it so fervently that he said it many ways.) This statement was made from a position of concern that his fellow countrymen were giving away their liberties for security. By making this statement he was encouraging his fellow countrymen to master the security, not to let security be the master.

At Common Sense Security we believe that you can be and should be the master of your security environment. Our goal at Common Sense Security is to teach you about security concepts in general, IT Security and Privacy specifically and the regulations and laws that are being enacted to govern the subject. The end result is that you can make informed and educated decisions in your life, business and other situations.

In seeking to teach you about security we will convey in a clear and concise manner the need for common sense application of security measures to protect people, places, and property. We will point out the inconsistencies, bureaucratic hoops and sometimes stupidity that people and businesses employ in the name of regulatory compliance, control or otherwise security. We will work to point out what really works and what is just the fluff. Our hope is that we can educate you on the proper employment of security measures so that you, as the consumer, business owner or employee can employ what is right and proper, not what is just being done because someone said that was a good idea.

Despite our belief that sometimes people make poor security choices, make no mistake we believe in security. We believe that it can be an effective tool to prevent all sorts of nefarious activities such as terrorism, general crime, identity theft, protect civil liberties, protect our borders, and prevent general mayhem, but only if used correctly.

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